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Bradwell Grove Hospital, Burford

Built as a transit camp for troops in the second world war and later used as a receiving base for casualties, mostly American. Used for a while after the war as the Royal Marines School of Music, the lease was eventually taken by the NHS. It opened as a mental handicap [learning disability] hospital in 1952. By 1960 it was run by Pewsey Hospital Management Committee and subsequently came under Swindon and District Hospital Management Committee until 1974. It became the responsibility of Oxfordshire Area Health Authority in 1974 and Oxfordshire Health Authority in 1982.

The hospital closed in July 1986.

Records of Bradwell Grove Hospital

  • Photograph album 1986
  • Visitors’ book for garden party to mark the closure of the hospital

There may be administrative information in the records of Oxfordshire Health Authority and the Mental Health Unit; these will not contain any patient case files.

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Last updated: 29 August, 2018