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Oxford Eye Hospital

Oxford Eye Hospital in 1945Founded in Wellington Square, Oxford, in 1886 by Robert Doyne (1857-1916), a G.P. with a special interest in eye diseases. In 1894 the hospital took a lease on the former fever block of the Radcliffe Infirmary, but the hospital remained under independent management until the coming of the NHS in 1948.

The Eye Hospital was administered by the United Oxford Hospitals 1948-1974, Oxfordshire Area Health Authority (Teaching) 1974-1982, Oxfordshire Health Authority 1982-1993, the Radcliffe Infirmary NHS Trust 1993-1999 and is now part of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. It moved to the John Radcliffe Hospital site when the Radcliffe Infirmary closed in 2007.

Records of Oxford Eye Hospital

  • Annual reports 1887-1926
  • Minutes 1923-1947
  • Records of Patients Welfare Fund 1952-1964, 1979-1989
  • Matron’s report books 1915-1926, 1939-1948
  • Case notes 1885-1886, 1888-1946
  • Registers of patients 1921-1942, 1963-1967
  • Register of operations 1921-1949

There may be information in the records of the United Oxford HospitalsOxfordshire Health Authority, the Radcliffe Infirmary NHS Trust and Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust

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Last updated: 29 August, 2018