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Marcham Road Hospital, Abingdon

Founded in about 1897 as Abingdon Joint Hospital for Infectious Diseases, the hospital was later known as Abingdon Joint Isolation Hospital. It was run by Abingdon Joint Hospital Board and was mainly designed by local architect J.G.T. West. Intended to serve the Abingdon area, the Board sometimes entered into agreements to take patients from other districts, which led to overcrowding.

The hospital became part of the NHS in 1948 and was administered from 1948 by the Oxford and District Hospital Management Committee 1948-1956 and by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre 1956-1974. Responsibility passed to Oxfordshire Area Health Authority (Teaching) in 1974, Oxfordshire Health Authority in 1982, Oxfordshire Community Health NHS Trust in 1994, South West Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust in March 2001 and Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust in 2006. It is now run by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust as Abingdon Community Hospital.

Records of Abingdon Hospital

  • House Committee minutes 1956-1969
  • Admission and discharge registers 1966-1987

There may also be information in the records of the Oxfordshire Health Authority and Oxfordshire Community Health NHS Trust

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Last updated: 29 August, 2018