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Osler Pavilion/Hospital, Oxford

The Osler Pavilion in the early 1920s

The Osler Pavilion for the treatment of tuberculosis was officially opened on 1st January 1927, although patients had been admitted in 1926. It was named for Sir William Osler (1849-1919), Regius Professor of Medicine. Tuberculosis was a major killer in the United Kingdom when the hospital opened, but as the disease was conquered, the need for the hospital decreased. In 1954 it was combined with Sunnyside as the Osler Hospital, and it closed in 1969 as part of the clearance of the site for the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The hospital was administered by the Radcliffe Infirmary until 1948, and then by the United Oxford Hospitals.

Records of the Osler Pavilion

We have some photographs and there may be information in the records of the Radcliffe Infirmary and the United Oxford Hospitals

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Last updated: 29 August, 2018