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Pines Hospital, Banbury

Built as an infectious diseases hospital at the rear of the Neithrop Hospital (then the workhouse) in 1886/7.The original block became known as Pines I and a second block, which had been added in 1938, as Pines II. The Hospital was known as Banbury Isolation or Infectious Diseases Hospital until the NHS took it over from the Borough in 1948. It came under Banbury and District Hospital Management Committee, was used for Chest patients 1949-1962 and eventually became a geriatric hospital. In 1974 it passed to Oxfordshire Area Health Authority (Teaching) and in 1982 became part of Oxfordshire Health Authority.
The Pines closed in about 1984.

Records of Pines Hospital

  • Minutes and papers relating to building work 1969-1972
  • Admission register 1960-1984

There may be information (post 1948) in the records of Banbury and District Hospital Management Committee and Oxfordshire Health Authority

Oxfordshire History Centre has information (pre 1948) in the records of Banbury Borough [reference: BOR 2]

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Last updated: 29 August, 2018