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Wokingham Orthopaedic Clinic

Patients, staff and ambulance at the Wokingham Orthopaedic Clinic in the 1920sThe Wokingham Clinic was founded in response to the enthusiasm of Jessie Brown, an after care sister of the Wingfield Orthopaedic Hospital. It started in a room in the Town Hall in October 1920, but soon outgrew the space. In 1922 the Primitive Methodist Chapel (built in 1857) and schoolroom in Denmark Street were purchased with funds from the Wokingham War Memorial and the conversion was undertaken by volunteers from the town. The clinic opened in its new premises in 1923.

Between 1948 and 1974 it was controlled by the Wingfield-Morrls Hospital Management Committee (1948-1955), the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre Hospital Management Committee (1955-1963) and the Nuffield Hospital Management Committee (1963-1974). It seems to have closed after 1974.

Records of Wokingham Orthopaedic Clinic

  • Annual reports 1920-1947
  • Correspondence 1920-1923
  • Fundraising 1920-1924 [all part of the records of the Wingfield League]

There may be information in the records of the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre and the Nuffield Hospital Management Committee and its predecessors.

For full list of the Hospital Management Committee records see Tips on searching the A2A sites

There may be information in the records of Wokingham Borough in the Berkshire Record Office.

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Last updated: 29 August, 2018